What Are The Top 5 Benefits to Hiring a Graduate

As a business, hiring the right people can be tricky. Make sure that you have the best people in position who have the right knowledge and skills, but who are willing to stay and grow with your company.

When it comes to getting the right candidates first time, graduates are an excellent option. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

·   Cost Effective

Graduates are keen to get into the workplace. That’s why they did their degrees in the first place. This means that they’re often looking for their first proper job to start their career path. To get their foot in the door of their chosen field, they’re sometimes happy to take a lower wage. They will start here, then build up to a higher one based on experience.

This means that you’re likely to keep your graduates for the long haul. Graduates know that in the long term, they’re likely to get more money. This creates a greater return on recruitment investment for you. You must however provide an work environment that is suited for young people to keep them.

Some graduates are even happy to take an internship role initially, meaning you pay minimal supplements instead of a full wage. This means that you get to trial their knowledge and work ethic before committing to a more expensive decision.


·   Motivated

Graduates are starting their career with you. They’re fresh-faced and ready to work towards their long-term career goals. This often means that you’ll get much more out of them than your tenured employees who are perhaps more relaxed about their job.

·   Feedback and a fresh approach

As graduates have spent the last 3 or 4 years studying your field, they will be able to look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes and help you to make changes that bring you into the modern era. Anything that they feed back about your business could help you make more profits and stay ahead of the game.

·   Value Your Benefits

Graduates will be happy with flexibility, as they’ve spent the last few years without a proper schedule. Due to living a student lifestyle, they’re also more likely to be grateful for the small benefits that your business provides – filling up the biscuit tin, for example.

·   Adaptable

The education system is designed to make students understand real life and it also promotes the idea of having responsibilities. Because they’ve been used to scraping enough money together to buy food and develop schemes of their own to help each other out, they’re more likely to be adaptable to any task that you put them to, just because they know they’re making a little extra cash.

Their mindsets will also be more focused on flexibility, as they are used to having to adapt to new processes, systems and technology.

What is a graduate assessment centre?

The Graduate Recruitment in Northampton runs assessment centres for businesses looking to recruit graduates into their entry level roles.

The Graduate Recruitment assesses the skills, knowledge and ambition of graduates using interviews, presentations, tests and team exercises to understand which roles would be best suited to them and line up with their future goals. These assessments and conversations allow the agency to place them in roles where they’ll be happy and content with what’s on offer and employers will be pleased with their skills and output. With graduate assessment centres, both graduates and employers get the best deal. If you’d like to find out more about our assessment centres, please contact us today.