Showing a strong ethos can give positive results

Candidates are advised by universities to create LinkedIn accounts. The idea behind this is they can then advertise themselves to potential employers. This profile should be kept up to date and include all their work experience as they gain it. 

Additionally, they can choose to personalise it with banners and add their profile picture advising people they are looking for work. This can then entice employers/recruitment companies to look at them. 

With this in mind, they will also be looking at employers. Checking out main business profiles along with searching for staff members. Wanting to see uniformity and gain reassurance that the company they are interested in is a good company to work for. Candidates look at previous posts and news bulletins to see if they are relevant to their desired roles/interests. So, it’s equally important that as a business the LinkedIn accounts remain updated.

Things to think about

Check your business profile, is this up to date? Does it have relevant posts on it?

Is there a picture of a logo or a team photo – is this picture relevant?

Employees who claim they work for the company, are they still working for the company or have they just not updated their account? If they have not updated their account, message them and request they do so. Alternatively, contact LinkedIn to remove this connection via their help tab. Create a support ticket and advise LinkedIn of the people you wish to be removed. It could take a few weeks but they are good at sorting this.

With the employees who are currently working with the company, ensure that the company brief that is attached with the link to the company is the same across all staff. Showing the same message across the brand.

It is equally important to ensure the company brand is promoted positively. Advising employees that what they are sharing and liking can be seen by others looking at their profiles. You can help employees with this by advising them to tighten up on privacy settings and be more commercially aware. Have a look at our blog this. Social Media privacy.

If you would like more advice on how you can attract the best for your company, please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for updates.