Best way is keeping to the truth throughout

Ensuring you are telling the truth while writing your CV is so important.  Your new employers will be checking every bit of information. Start by checking your dates are correct.

When we register you with us, we will ask for this information up front so you can get your dates in order. We can then ensure everything is accounted for. If there is a gap in your employment make a note as to why. This will ensure the timelines are accounted for. Employers may ask why you took a gap year and you can then discuss your why so they can understand. Some people could have a maternity leave gap, again it is a gap that needs to be recorded and will not go against you.


Stick to the truth

If you say on your CV that you have work experience within a certain sector but in reality, you did not tell the truth and you don’t have this experience. It’s going to look really silly when your new employer asks for a reference. At this point your offer of employment can be revoked as employers want honesty within their employees. Stick to the truth.


It’s ideal to get a reference from your most recent employer and most companies will insist on it. So, make sure you either have a HR email address. They can simply confirm dates you worked with them. Additionally, a more personal contact like a line manager that can provide a reference once you have left will be great.


Not sticking to the truth will always catch up with you. There is just no point in pretending you have something you do not. Be honest, if you have not got the experience, you simply do not have it.

Not having experience does not always mean you will not get the role. It means you might need to work harder to prove you are the right candidate. Unless a role specifies X amount of years’ experience within similar roles then your good to apply and prove you are the best candidate for the job. There is no point in applying for roles that require extensive experience if you simply do not have it. You will not be seen and wastes your time as well as the company’s time.

Write about your experience

Concentrate on the experience you do have and make sure you go in to a small amount of detail on your CV on the responsibilities you had within each role. For example, answered phones is a simple answer. Change it up to answered all incoming and outgoing calls, dealt with customer enquires effectively and directed calls appropriately. This gives us more of an idea that you have dealt with customers hands on. It shows you have telephone experience, developed a phone manner, customer service skills as well as used a telephone system with transfer options. Again, only say things that are true do not just use this example if you really did just answer phones and did nothing with them.

Make your CV bespoke to what you did, but most importantly do not make it a novel that bores the reader. They need to know you have experience and how you achieved it.

Keep it detailed but simple. If you need any help of advice, please contact us. Additionally, check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.