Should Students have Part Time Jobs?

Sitting at home while on a university break is not going to help you conquer the world when you finish your studies. Instead of wasting this time should you try a part-time/temp role or try some volunteering?

Conquer the World

Why find a part-time student role or volunteer?

Its important to build your CV and develop your skills in your downtime. This will make you more desirable to employers as it will show you have been willing through out your studies to try. 

How do I begin looking for a Student Job?

Firstly, start with writing a CV, check out our latest blog. Secondly, update your LinkedIn profile. Ensure you are letting people know that you are looking for part-time/temporary roles while you are on a break to build experience.

What to look for when looking for a student job

Part-time/Temp roles in your area can be found on job boards like reed, indeed or Findajob.

You want to look out for retail work, restaurants, café, or bar work. Additionally, if you want something more exotic why not look for work abroad. Things like becoming an au pair for a family or teaching a foreign language to becoming a holiday rep. All these types of roles will give you great skills to use within university and future workplaces.

Ask your university if they have anything. They may have temp roles doing things with accommodation, admin, and events hosting. They may even need holiday cover for existing staff. You may even be able to stay in the role and work around your studies.

Extracurricular Student Activities

Participating in extra-curricular activities will give you skills to show future employers that you can put effort in to things your passionate about. The precise skills and achievements you can gain will vary according to the role you take on. Check out this blog for more information.

Building your cv through university can really help when you are looking for your career. It will give you so much more experience and work knowledge to discuss with future employers. For more information do check out our other blogs linked within this blog to get the most from our expertise.

Once you have sorted a role consider getting your driving licence before going back to university. We are finding so many more employers are requiring a driving licence as part of the job specification. Check out our other blog regarding driving.

If you would like any help or support to conquer the world and find a Graduate role, then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.