Expert Reasons to Set Up a LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool to have that you may not have thought of utilising yet. Your lectures and industry professionals will encourage you to get one and to keep it up to date. It really can open many doors.


Helps make valuable connections

LinkedIn is seen as the professional Facebook. So don’t be uploading your drunken student union photos. Use it to upload your work, industry preferences and any work experience.

Ensure you reach out to people you have worked with in the past. Keeping in touch this was gives you a wider audience for when you need it. Connect with your lecturers, they can add endorsements to your profile for future employers to review.

Helps with writing your CV

If you keep your LinkedIn up to date it acts as a CV for future employers to download. It will also help when you have to write a professional CV rather than relying on the downloaded version of your linked in (its more professional to write one) as you will have all relevant dates to hand on your profile to copy across.

Staying Active

Keeping your profile updated will also keep your account active. There is nothing worse than being rejected from a role as the employer you have applied to has looked at your linked in and seen you aspire to become a lawyer but are applying for a role to be an insurance adjuster. Also, photos keep them updated, graduation photos are great but as you move in to the work places update them.

We have had clients cancel interviews and reject CV’s due to them checking out the candidates LinkedIn. Finding out that the profile isn’t up to date and their profile doesn’t reflect the CV in front of them is off putting. It’s a fabulous tool if it’s up to date. If not it could be a massive hindrance.

Make it more personal

You can reach out to lecturers and ask them to endorse you as this will also help enable employers see you’re a real person with real qualities. Adding industries and roles that you would consider can help future employees find your profile allowing them to contact you to discuss and connect.

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.