Reliable benefits of learning to drive whilst you study

With covid restrictions being lifted in many places around the UK this means there is a surge of people trying to learn to drive especially students who are moving away for university.


What’s the benefits of learning to drive?

Any willing learner can be taught to drive. Commonly its understood that picking up a new skill is easier for people when they are young. Whilst waiting three or four years may not seem like a long time to wait before finally getting on the road, it could mean a notable increase in how many lessons you will need to help you pass.

Give’s you Options

Lots of students move away from home to university so driving themselves is a benefit. This way you can then go home whenever you want and not be relying on anyone else for lifts or tackling the dreaded public transport.  Also, as you’re driving it will improve your knowledge of the roads will develop. You will find the shortcuts to and from places. Start factoring in your time management skills by learning how long journeys take . Concentration levels develop, especially when you don’t know where your going have to engage your problem-solving skills.

All round driving is an amazing skill to have. You can take your test and pass before/during university. This doesn’t mean you have to actually get a car and pay out monthly on insurances/tax and maintenance. Just means your licence is ready for when you need it. Car sharing with your parents could be an option. Paying towards their insurance adding you as a named driver so when you do go home on visits you can borrow the car. This will still give you the road knowledge and skills to show your next employer.

Job Opportunities

Many employers will state in job descriptions that you need to have a full clean driving licence. This could be due to many reasons, some we have come across is that a part of training you could visit customers, other sites or it could be the place of work is not on a public transport network. As an employer they don’t want anything to happen to you while you’re walking to and from the bus stops in the dark or waiting for the bus on your own so driving is often seen as a must!. 

1 in 5 jobs require a driving licence to even be considered for a role, others will list it as a beneficial skill they would like within a candidate.

Finding a driving instructor

Research is key to this as you don’t want to get someone that you don’t click with. Recommendations from your friends and family can always help. Looking at their online presence for reviews and pass rates is always good. Feel free to call them have a chat. Don’t be shy to ask questions like What’s your pass rate? What hours can you do lessons? Do you include a theory test within your bulk prices (some do)?

This way you will get a feel for if you get along with the instructor, if you feel like this could be the one then arrange your first lesson and go from there to developing a professional relationship and building the rapport. Ask questions if you’re not sure on things – remember the only silly question is those that aren’t asked.

Enjoy your lesson it’s a great experience and achievement

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