Getting the balance right with searching for roles and completing studies – don’t take your eye off the ball.

University can be a lot of fun, but crucially, it’s a lot of work. Further education is all about improving your chances of moving into a thrilling career where you can grow and excel. When you’re dealing with a heavy workload, how can you find the time to start applying for work? No matter what you’re studying, it’s likely you’re going to be doing a lot of planning moving forwards and one of these tasks may include planning your graduate job.

Learning how to manage your workload at university will help to set you up for life. Life is all about juggling work and various demands! Here’s a quick guide on ways you can start to manage a heavy workload while still advancing your career.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff About Your Course 

Got a heavy workload for your course? Struggling to cram revision in? It’s tempting to leave the smaller tasks until last. However, it will likely work in your favour to get them out of the way first.  Are there any pieces of work or study that will only take you a few minutes at a time? Give them your immediate attention. This way you have more time to focus on bigger projects later.

Learning how to prioritise your workload in this way will put you in excellent stead when moving into the world of work. For example, a graduate scheme is likely to put you through your paces when it comes to multiple tasks. Of course, make sure you get the most urgent tasks out of the way first, but anything relatively short on time demands should require your immediate attention.

Give Yourself Time to Look for Work

If you are dealing with a heavy workload in terms of studying. Plan in when you apply for roles and look for work. At the start of the week, you should make sure to take the time to book in a few hours to actively apply. While it might be quick and easy to apply for jobs and graduate roles via automated systems, always be sure to give each application your full attention.

Graduate jobs are available to people who are organised and who are passionate about what they do. If you rush any applications, you are likely to come across as someone who doesn’t seem to care too much. That’s a rookie mistake!

Reach Out for Help

A graduate jobs recruiter will help you to prioritise your Uni workload while actively searching for the best graduate jobs. After a brief consultation with an advisor or recruiter, you will feel more comfortable and be sitting in a better position.

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role, then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.