Graduates searching for the best summer jobs

Graduates you want to ensure your making the most out of your summer breaks. This involves developing yourself and not studying throughout the time off. Let us start by developing your CV.


Graduates CV enhancements.

It is important to show you are an individual that is hungry for success and that you will do what ever it takes to stand out. This means making your CV amazing and showcasing every skill in just enough detail that it pulls the reader in. Check out our blog which can guide you through writing your CV.

It’s important to ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated and mirrors your CV. There is no point in saying you want a role within construction on LinkedIn and applying for roles in a law environment shouting about how passionate you are within the Law sector. They both need to match.

Where should your search begin?

Try asking at your university career office. The careers teams sometimes have lists of contacts that they can share from previous graduates who have secured roles. Additionally, job boards are a great place to look. Look at ones like Reed, Indeed or Findajob. With these sites you can search a particular sector and area for roles that might be suitable.

What should you look for?

You want to ensure where ever you are applying for work is commutable and worth the commute. With this I mean you do not want to be commuting 2 hours each day on minimum wage as you could be paying more in the commute then you could be earning. So, think logically.

Look for roles that interest you and could benefit you in your future search, so if you are a keen sportsperson check out local sports retailers, ask at your local sporting clubs if they have any summer work or see if there are any sporting clubs like a water sports centre. People do like to help people so a nice phone call to local establishments can go a long way.

You could look at working abroad. If you are keen to travel but feel you want to earn as you go look for a role abroad. Things like becoming an au pair for a family or teaching a foreign language to becoming a holiday rep. All these types of roles will give you great skills to use within university and future workplaces. Theres always restaurants and bars within your area that you could be looking for students to help.

Additionally, over the summer there are plenty of festivals that everyone wants to go to. Maybe try to do some stewarding you get in to the event for free and get paid to be there. Most of these roles need you thinking on your feet and checking tickets, searching bags, and generally keeping an eye out for any nuisance crowd members.

Extracurricular for Graduates

Participating in extra-curricular activities will give you skills to show future employers that you can put effort in to things you are passionate about. The precise skills and achievements you can gain will vary according to the role you take on. Check out this blog for more information.

Building your cv through university can really help when you’re looking to start your career. It will give you so much more experience and work knowledge to discuss with future employers. For more information do check out our other blogs linked within this blog to get the most from our expertise.

Once you have sorted a summer job consider getting your driving licence before going back to university. We are finding so many more employers are requiring a driving licence as part of the job specification. Check out our other blog regarding driving.

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduates role, then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.