Dissertation deadline looming, feeling strong enough, need advice?

Dissertation deadline is approaching and the process has been long! Are you stressed over submitting it? Worried you are not reaching your potential? Look at our stress advise blog you may find some of it useful.


Firstly – The dissertation

Break down what you have done already for your dissertation. It will help you see what is left to do hopefully clearing some of the brain fog. Even if you dedicate a whole day to writing, this should still be broken down into bite-sized periods. With all the work you are doing and planning to do ensure you have included movement breaks and food breaks. Additionally, Feeding the mind to help the work flow.

Best things to eat/drink during dissertation study:

  • Fruit – gives you a sugar boost so better than chocolate
  • Vegetables – Dark leafy greens like chard, kale, broccoli or spinach. Vital source of vitamins packed with vitamin K
  • Eggs – Versatile, fried, boiled. Poached or scrambled. Great source of B12
  • Peanut Butter – full of healthy fats and lots of protein. Mix it in with your porridge
  • Fish – Salmon, sardines and mackerel provide lots of protein and omega 3 which helps keep the brains functioning better.
  • Green Tea – goof alternative to high-caffeine drinks. Provides antioxidants as well as boosting your concentration.

Experiencing writer’s block

Are things not progressing as you would like? This can be a huge trigger for stress and is normally where people give in and throw the laptop across the bed. When you are feeling like this try free writing. This is where you write whatever comes to mind on a set topic without stopping to censor or make corrections. Do this for a while until you feel yourself in the flow and then…keep going! You will probably have a lot of useful material from your free writing time that you can go back and tidy up later.

Still not feeling it?

Step away for now, take some time for yourself. Go for a walk to clear your mind or simply go make a drink and sit and read for an hour. A simple sheet mask while laying on your bed will help clear your mind and can really change your mood. Reach out to friends in similar positions and see if they want to escape to get a bite to eat. Your mental wellbeing is important so do not push too hard you break. Don’t forget to speak to your tutor if your feeling too overwhelmed they may help you plan it out and help you with getting it complete.

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