Yay! You Have Your Masters – Now what?

You’ve just emerged from your Master’s graduation with a shiny new Masters qualification. You’re armed with confidence, credibility, and a desire to put your advanced knowledge and skills to use.

So, what now?

What To Do Once You Have Your Masters Degree

A Masters degree is not the end of everyone’s educational pathway. You want to set yourself even further apart from all the other graduates by studying further and embarking on a PhD course. The cost of a doctoral programme is even higher than a masters program. It might not be something you can do straight away but don’t rule it out completely. Work it into a 5–10-year life plan. Maybe opt for a combined approach: part-time working or at an internship. Gaining practical and beneficial experience and continuing your studies on a part-time basis.


You could get a conversion course to transfer into a different field, possibly a professional or vocational qualification to help you get that dream job you want.

Apply for jobs, using your amazing new qualification. Some employers won’t specify a postgraduate qualification as a requirement for a role, however many will see this as a distinct advantage.

We only work with clients who want to employ talented undergraduates and postgraduates. So we are well versed to really help you secure that dream job/scheme.

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End goal

Choosing a career is a personal decision. You’re in a prime position as a Masters graduate to make an informed and ambitious choice. When thinking about your career options, it is important to consider the subject of your course (are there any careers directly related to that subject?), personality and goals (do you want to work abroad/with other people etc.?) and your skills (what are you qualified and capable of doing?). These are things only you can answer, but your university careers service will be able to help you to make a good choice.

Take a break maybe? Don’t be afraid to relax a bit if you can afford to do so, reward yourself for a job well done! You are in between decisions at the moment take a breath, think about your next move.

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