Virtual Graduate Interview – How best to prepare

In 2020 and 2021 we have seen a massive change in how graduates are assessed. Many firms are moving to an online interview process rather than face to face.

We can see that this may become the way forward. As a new graduate, how do you make sure you still have the same impact as being in a face to face environment? How can you be prepared as well as stand out from the crowd and being the number one choice?

We have approached a number of our graduates who have been successful as well as clients to find out what their top tips are.

How To Prepare For A Virtual Interview

– Interview Preparation

Preparation is still the key to being successful. By being on a virtual assessment or interview can give you an added advantage. You can keep notes close by including them by the side of the screen where no one will detect them. Ensure they are the key points you want to cover and prompts to possible questions asked. Remember to put the time into research the company. This includes the culture, competitors, the role or scheme to ensure you have a full understanding before you enter the online assessment. Treat this as a face to face interview/assessment and ensure you are dressed to impress! For extra help on how to prepare, click here for interview preparation tips.

– Check Equipment

We find its always a good idea to try the equipment, connect with a friend/family member before the interview This is to make sure the volume/camera works. There is nothing worse than this all failing on the day. Making sure you are prepared is key. Don’t leave it until 5 minutes before the start time. Check at least a day before and again 1 hour before the interview. Enter the online process at least 5 minutes early as you would if you were attending the offices of a business.


Make sure the screen has a professional background if you don’t feel your area will be tidy enough. There are many preset choices you can use from zoom or teams. Get this sorted the day before so again you can test it.

– Engaging Online

When you meet the interviewer/assessor for the first time

  • Look into the webcam! This might feel unnatural, but it will give the interviewer the sense that you’re making eye contact and paying attention to what they’re saying.
  • Don’t move! Okay, so that’s not entirely reasonable, but try not to fidget, swivel your chair, type on the keyboard, or leave the frame of the video chat. It’s distracting and feels off-putting.
  • Set any note-taking expectations. Taking notes during an interview is encouraged, but if you plan to type notes on the same device from which you’ll be taking the call, let your interviewers know so they’ll know you aren’t being rude or distracted.
  • If something happens with the connection, be honest! Everyone understands that a video call can have some glitches, so it’s always okay to ask someone to repeat something because the screen froze temporarily.
  • Have fun. Smiling, laughing, and showing you’re enjoying the video chat are absolutely encouraged.

If you would like any more help or support with finding a Graduate role then please do contact us and check out our linkedin for up to date job posts.