Working from home – Pros, Cons and Tips

Working from home seems to be the new norm for a lot of people, and there are definitely some mixed opinions on the change. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, as well as some tips if you’re finding it difficult:


Saving time and money – Coffees, lunches and all these other little expenses add up, as well as the time and money spent on commuting to the office every day. No one misses being stuck in traffic on a Monday morning.

Flexibility – working from home can give you more power to structure your day to fit your proffered work style. It can allow you to be more productive and more comfortable than being in a commercial environment.

Better work/life balance – all that time saved from commuting, as well as your lunch and breaks, can be spent at home with family or just relaxing on your own. You have more freedom to do what you want with your spare time.

Home comforts – You’re surrounded by all your own home comforts so you can decorate your personal space with whatever you like. Anything you want is right there with you, and you can get home tasks done in your breaks during the day leaving your evening to yourself!


Isolation – working away from the office and other people can make you feel ‘out of the loop.’ A lot of us enjoy going into the office, seeing different faces and having a nice catch up over a coffee. Working on your own with no other human interaction can feel draining and have a negative impact on mental health.

Difficulty doing job from home – being at home may mean that you don’t have access to all the technology you need to effectively carry out your job. This can be extremely frustrating and make you feel as though you doing well enough.

Clocking off – Separating work from home can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a designated work space. Getting into a work mindset and focusing at home can be difficult, as well as knowing when to clock off at the end of the day. Some people also prefer to have their work and personal life vastly separated and this can be nearly impossible when brining work into your home.


Choose a dedicated work space and stick to it – Having an area in your home that’s dedicated to work can help you to concentrate and be more productive. Try to find an area where you can minimise interruptions and keep it clear of anything you can distract yourself with. 

Structure your day as if you were in the office– Set yourself a similar routine as if you were in the office. Get up at a similar time, take your breaks at a similar time, and STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! Having a structured day can also boost productivity and help to separate work from your home routine.

Maintain boundaries between work and personal life – Avoid leaving your workspace during work hours unless you have too. Also avoid doing too much over time while youre at home. Its so important to clock off at the end of the day, especially when youre at home.  Avoid answering calls and emails late in the evening when you should be free.