Universities giving offers after results day

Aiding or adding unnecessary pressure?

Is there about to be a major reform in the education system- offers being given after results day?

A recent article published by The Guardian this month has stated the major reform is currently under reform. Why you may ask………This change could revoke the controversial use of unconditional offers, in the hope that it would then aid those students who are at a disadvantage where their grade predictions do not match their true abilities. A 2011 study by UCAS found that students from disadvantaged backgrounds were likely to lose out under the current system, because they had less advice and support. The current system means applicants are forced into applying for their desired courses months before sitting their exams, all based on their teachers’ predictions- despite there being evidence of inaccurate predictions.

With post-qualification applications it would rule out the current process of clearing- when students do not achieve their predicted grades. With post- qualification admissions students may be able to be bolder in their applications as they know what they are capable of and how well they can achieve. Students may feel more empowered through the knowledge of their results. For universities it will mean they can filter out applicants more easily.

“A higher-education system should be more than a cycle. It should be a set of support structures that enables students to make decisions about their higher-education courses and institutions,” the report, by Nartey and Graeme Atherton of the National Education Opportunities Network, states.

This is food for thought- would it be beneficial to change the current system or would it do more damage than good?