Amazing top tips for attending Graduate Assessment Centres.

Assessment Centre’s are used by employers to narrow down a large number of applicants who are applying for a job role. A range of tasks and activities are set to be completed. This is where the employers will watch over the candidates to see who stands out. Additionally, When applying for job roles yourself, you will more than likely come across at least one Assessment Centre day you have to take part in, so here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed.

A day at Assessment Centre example:

09.00 – Arrival and introduction to Assessment Centre

09.30 – Employer presentation and group ice-breaker exercise

10.30 – Role play

11.45 – Group exercise: Case study

12.45 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Individual task: In-tray exercise

14.45 – Individual Presentation

16.15 – Individual interview

17:00 – Finish

Preparation for an Assessment Centre

  • Be confident. Show the employer you are confidence through taking the lead in group activities.
  • Practice communication skills. You will most likely have to do an individual or group presentation, so building your communication skills will benefit lots.
  • Be polite and friendly. When spoken to or speaking to others, make sure to always do so in a polite manner.
  • The night before the Assessment Centre, make sure to get a good night sleep. This way you will feel nice and refreshed ready to go on the day!
  • Stay focused. Even if you get a task wrong, don’t worry about it too much or it may affect your overall performance. Just keep focused and try your hardest in each task.

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