Tough challenges ahead? Strategies to help!

A recent productivity article published by the BBC got me thinking how it could relate to graduates and undergraduates having to overcome many challenges during their last year of studies.

It’s the time of year where everyone is trying to figure out how the rest of year is going to plan out- whether that be securing your dream graduate role or how you’re going to get fellow partners to pull their weight in a group project or even how you will cope with exam pressure.

It can be difficult to always picture the end result when you are trying to overcome obstacles. We have put together a few strategies to help clear your mind and begin that forward thinking.

Having goals is always a great idea- working towards something and seeing results is always a great incentive to encourage yourself to be pushed harder.

Finding out how determined you push yourself to be is a great indicator as how too big (or small) you should make your goals; once that has been established focus on that goal(s). Having smaller goals makes it more achievable but is it as satisfying?

Distractions are a no go, it will more than likely end up with you procrastinating and feeling more inclined to focus on anything but the goal you are trying to achieve. “It might make you feel better, but it doesn’t help you to succeed”. Getting to the finish line will have you left with the feeling of euphoria.

Positive thinking- remind yourself of the positive outcome it will have and what impact that might make.

Negative consequences– If you don’t perform the activity where is that going to leave you?

Forward thinking- Think of the near future, what you will be able to do once that little obstacle is out of the way.

Change how you feel– remain as optimistic as possible about every obstacle.

You are the only one who can change or create a positive outcome. Clear your mind, plan and do your very best.

Stick to your plan, focus on your goals and you will succeed!