Do you want that Graduate Job in Engineering? Here’s a few things you should consider.

You just graduated from University and life now seems to have just begun. It is time you applied in the real world, the principles and concepts that you learned in University. You have high hopes for scaling the career ladder in engineering. That brings some mixed emotions of excitement and fear of the unknown. Well, excitement is a good thing here, but you have to master that fear. Face the challenge that is ahead of you; test the waters and find those graduate engineering jobs that you always dreamed of pursuing. But that calls for preparing thoroughly, which will entail:

Evaluating Graduate Jobs Available

You are a professional engineer in the making. So, without a doubt, you have the wit and are bright enough to juggle between different job opportunities that come your way. Your degree and skillset should guarantee you an exciting position at a leading engineering firm. You do not want to broadcast your options at this stage. Note down the types of engineering jobs that you determine yourself to be most proficient at and focus on finding graduate jobs/schemes in that area.

Applying for Graduate Schemes

You already have pinpointed the graduate jobs that you can handle comfortably. Next is to find and apply for an appropriate graduate scheme that covers training and employment opportunities in such areas of specialisation. Most importantly, determine what you would want to get out of these graduate schemes. Doing that first will give you the impetus to keep demonstrating your passion, determination, and diligence in pursuing a successful career in engineering.

Build Your Career Portfolio

To get that graduate job that you have always dreamed of, you need to be proactive enough in selling yourself. Create a well-written career portfolio and well-designed business cards to show to potential employers. Attend social events where people, in the same career path as that you want to pursue, meet for corporate networking. And, again be proactive; share your college experience and dreams. Most importantly though, mention the projects and contributions that you would add to a company should they employ you, and share with them your business cards and online career portfolio.

Invest in Where You Plan to Be

Preparation precedes opportunity. Keep studying the trends in the engineering field in which you plan to specialise. Master any new and upcoming developments and take any short course programs should you need to. All you require here is to ace your first interview. No engineering firm can put off an employee that has the right set of skills, knows the business, and has mastered the trends that will help to keep their business afloat.

Demonstrate Key Social Skills

Most engineering firms look beyond the engineering skills that you can bring to the table. Keep working on team and time management skills as well as being a quick learner, team worker, and communicator, and cultivating an analytical mind. These transferable skills are priceless and indispensable when finding graduate engineering jobs.  It is important to round up references and dressing the part in preparation for your first interview. So, gather yourself up and start preparing to get that graduate job in engineering. You can do this!

Paper with planning on it for an engineering job