The Graduate, What happened throughout 2021?

WOW we now in 2022 already, with The Graduate Recruitment!

We had a fantastic year in 2021, entering into our 14th year as a company with over 26 years of experience within the team.

Take a look below at 2021 at The Graduate.

Welcome to The Graduate

The Graduate

Sarah is our newest member of staff, she is our Recruitment Co-Ordinator, helping with all the candidate’s applications, ensuring we have a full candidate record from application forms to ID to references. In addition to this, she works within our advertising department pushing our jobs along to get the best results. As well as that she helps organise and liaise with clients regarding new jobs and interviews. We like to keep her busy! She joins us from a varied background, from working in the construction industry, logistics & administration. She has developed her skills along the way with us along with learning new things all the time.

The Graduate – Supporting local teams

As a company, we are always committed to supporting the community, especially our graduates and their outside interests. Over the year The Graduate has sponsored a local basketball team. The team are called the Mereway Mavericks, check them out if you’re local. The team is run by a graduate with a degree in Sports Management. Joe runs the team alongside his full-time job as well as playing for the team. As a team, they host home games and travel away for games. In addition to this if you are aware of someone who is looking to join a team or you know a basketball team looking for opponents reach out to them and get something arranged.


Furthermore, within our office, we have actively been working on our carbon footprint making some important changes to help the environment. From simple things like turning off lights when they are not in use, recycling more to moving our office to a more central location for our employees so it’s easier for them to get to work on foot/bike. Along with this invested in bikes for staff to use (should they choose this option) and looking at renewing company vehicles to electric, all with the hope of making that difference.

Take a look at our blog for more information on how we have made a positive change.


We are delighted to be supporting The Lewis Foundation. The most recent event involved staff Christmas Jumpers!

Lorraine and Lee Lewis created the charity when Lee’s mum was hospitalised with cancer. Undoubtedly recognise the fear, upset and loneliness faced by individuals undergoing cancer treatment and their loved ones. This amazing duo were determined that their charity would make a real difference. Firstly they set about sourcing donations, packaging and delivering gifts, whilst giving support to patients in oncology wards. That was April 2016, when The Lewis Foundation was born. Today, there is a team of almost 50 volunteers and hundreds of regular supporters. The Lewis Foundation has gone from delivering 80 gift packs a month to one hospital to delivering over 2,500 gifts to fourteen hospitals in the Midlands every month.

Lorraine and Lee are finding a growing demand for The Lewis Foundation services. They are moving into their sixth year. They are constantly approached by hospitals as NHS resources are continually stretched, and their new aspiration is to help even more people – not just in the Midlands but nationwide.

Awards a plenty

This year, we are again delighted to have won several business awards and are very proud to have been named as The 2021 Nationwide Graduate Recruitment Firm of The Year – UK