Changed for the better – How the office did it. COP26

At The Graduate Recruitment we have changed how we do things within the office. Looking at how we can be more sustainable within the work place and at our homes. Things can differ from home to home and from office to office so what we have done might not suit everyone, what matters is that everyone tries to make even the smallest of changes.


Changed within the office

Within the office we recently moved to a more sustainable office. This is now proving less driving to work for our staff as some are now able to walk or cycle to work. Any company vehicles due for renewal will be moving to electric, going green for our consultants. We have also purchased bikes should any staff be in a position to cycle rather than use a car!

Moving everything we can to online, from online zoom/teams interviews with candidates to storing our documents in a cloud. We have reduced the amount of printing we do, if we do have to print then we only use Recyclable paper. Using a printer cartridge recycling service to save on the plastic waste. We also shred our documents once have finished with them then recycle the remains. Minimised the lighting in the office so that if the lights are not needed, we are keeping them off. Ensuring that plug sockets are turned off when not in use. Also switched mainly to pencils as writing tools to save plastic pens being used all the time.  

Using Biodegradable bin liners throughout the office and kitchen, also recycling our plastics & paper waste. Buying recycled toilet/kitchen rolls and switching to natural cleaning products with recyclable packaging.

Advise for homes

We have tried to encourage staff to take our changes at work home with them. This way they can also help with becoming more sustainable in the home. From swapping cling film to reusable wax covers to recycling more. Even to trying to stop the waste of food and reuse the left overs for another day. Dropping their thermostats even by 1 degree can help. Something as simple as changing the shower heads to an eco-friendly one to help save water. There really is so many simple ways that we can help in office and at home.

Take a look at earth days link for further advise:

Please do contact us if you can think of any other ways we can help within our office. Don’t forget to follow us on Linkedin to ensure you see company updates and job vacancies.