Struggling with life after university?

You have graduated university and have found that you now have the university blues. This can be normal. Being so focused on your degree and graduation stopped you looking in to where to find graduate jobs.

You might be feeling quite underwhelmed now it is all over. Possibly even anxious about the future and continually asking yourself what now? Let us guide you through what you can expect.

Moving back home

It is easy to feel stuck, lonely and frustrated. Loosing your independence is hard, especially when your unsure when you will get it back. With the additional struggle of squeezing all your personal possessions in to your child hood bedroom that was already pretty full.

The first step is to accept it isn’t forever. Be grateful you have this space to live in for a while. You can start to save up for you own soon enough and regain that independence.

Friends and family.

Your moving back to your home town and wanting to reconnect with old friends. Remember its not like when you visited in university breaks. People have jobs to do and life’s to run. They wont just be popping in for dinner and a catch up. Things like this need to be scheduled in just like when you visited beforehand.

New friends from university will also be moving forwards in to their new graduate roles. They will be concentrating on getting this correct and building rapport with their new team mates. Try not to be worried if you lose touch for a while. Reconnecting at some point and catching up massively on what has changed will happen. Concentrate on your next steps.

Applying for jobs is easy BUT the rejection can hurt.

Getting a job isn’t as easy as you would like to think. Putting time and effort in to interview preparation and the interview itself to then find a rejection letter has come through. It can be really disheartening, try not to let it get you down. Use the rejection as a building block to your success. Remember to ask the company for feedback so you know where to improve for the next interview.

As a recruitment agency we are here to help. Not only will we put you forward for roles that are suitable, we will also help you prepare for the interviews. We automatically get feedback from the clients if it’s a no. With all of our hard work and yours we would like to hope we can get you to the offer stage for a job. If not we keep going on your behalf to move mountains and put you forward until we get a yes.

Don’t compare

Social media is a great place if you can keep it clear of negativity. You might find you have more time on your hands now your home with nothing to do other than apply for jobs. Try not to sit for hours comparing yourself to friends and family on social media. People only put what they want you to see on social media. So what if your friend got a job with a big firm earning £25,000 a year, celebrate it and be happy for them.

What you don’t know is they have to work 48 hours a week with only 21 days holiday and their office is an hours drive each way, every day. This role was secured after 5 rejections that they never shouted about, a day of assessments and two interviews. All this information wasn’t broadcasted as they want you to see their success not their failings.

Try not to compare yourself to anyone. Their career goals will be different to yours. Remember everyone’s journey is different. Focus on your own goals and how your going to achieve them.

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