Advice On Where You Should Look to Find Graduate Jobs?


I have people asking me for advice all the time, where is the best place to find a graduate job or scheme?

I start by explaining that there are so many platforms out there you just need to find the one that works for you.

Advice before you start applying let’s start at the beginning.

Ask yourself the following and check out the blogs I’ve linked for more info.

Do you have a CV written? – if not check out our helpful blog

Is this CV up to date?

What about a cover letter? – check out our blog

What sort of work is it you’re looking for and what industry are you wanting to work in?

Is your LinkedIn profile up to date to mirror your CV and have you ensured you have all privacy settings set on your social media?

Check out this blog

Once you have these questions answered and completed, I would say your ducks are in a row to start the search.

What advice is next?

Review jobs/schemes on your university jobs board as a good starting point. Remember all the firms advertising have come to your university, they could be interested in YOU!

You will have career advisors on site ready to help.

Next stage, if you know the firm you want to join review their details online and what schemes or roles, they have available.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family you’re searching, they might know of employers to approach. Add it to all of your social media so you reach a larger audience. There are also lots of job groups on Facebook for your area. Search for groups like jobs in Northamptonshire, Jobs in Milton Keynes, Admin jobs etc. The list is endless.

Job boards

Check out job sites like Find a job. This is a government run job board, attracting a lot of businesses of all sizes. You can apply directly through this site to the employer. Recommend you take a print out of the jobs you apply for. This way you can keep track if anyone is to contact you. You can also find the job spec quickly without having the awkward moment of erm what job is this relating to?

Reed jobs board offers some amazing opportunities. You can upload your CV to Reed and then employers can find you this way. You can search for jobs and apply directly again. Reed is a service that is free to candidates but employers pay for the privileged to search for CV’s and to advertise their roles so they really do want to find the best for the money here.

Don’t forget to check out our website for current jobs available. We update this the moment a new job comes in and as soon as a job is filled its removed from our website.  

Final Thought

If all you take away from this blog is to get your CV and cover letter in place you’re still winning.  This will help you get the job you want when you do start to look for it. If you have found a few new sites to look for work then that’s also a win.

Once you get your interviews booked in check out our blog on what to wear

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.