Direct questions and little-known reasons as to why we ask.


One of the direct questions we ask is “Do you have any other interviews pending? “

We ask direct questions like this when you register with us so we can check understand some of the following:

  1. To find out if you have applied directly to our clients, as we cannot apply again to them on your behalf.
  2. If your mid interview process with other company’s, we can try to push you through to our clients quicker, giving you multiple options.
  3. We ensure the role you’re applying for with us is similar to those you’re applying for elsewhere. We also get an understanding to if you are open to other options that are not related to your studies.
  4. Checking to see how experienced you are with interviews and if we can support you through the preparation to ensure your success.

It isn’t a trick question, it doesn’t stop us from helping you. So don’t hide the fact you’re looking for work yourself. This shows us that you’re determined to find a role. We really like the fact that you have taken the initiative to look around, as well as asking us to help and try to fast track you.

If when your registered you find your own job, that’s great you just need to let us know. This way we will stop looking for roles that suit. We can then securely store your details within our filing system. This then frees our team up to help other graduates that are still looking.

“Can you please let us know if you need to cancel/rearrange”

Our consultants manage their own diaries. They organise all the appointments and meetings themselves. If they have booked you in for a zoom this means they feel you’re a good match for one of our vacancies. If you find once you have booked your zoom with us you no longer need it, let us know. – Would you just not show up for a doctor’s appointment or would you call to advise them you can no longer make it? PLEASE let us know you no longer require this valuable appointment. This way we can offer it to someone else who may be on a waiting list for a slot that day.

If you’re wanting to rearrange or cancel, we would prefer you tell us. Each appointment is work for the whole team. From sorting your application forms, checking your right to work in the UK, researching your CV’s & looking in to your history. All this before we even meet you! This is so we have an idea of what you have done in your past education/employment, all to help you get the job you want. This then helps us build a bigger picture of you through the zoom. Enabling us to have all the information to boost your CV to our clients. Helping to get you in for an interview and helping you achieve that dream job.

“Are you a UK citizen, on a visa or have the right to work in the UK”

We have to be able to prove that you have the right to work in the UK to our clients. We ask for proof of ID at the beginning of the process so we can ensure that you comply with the client’s brief.

As a company, we ask you to provide a form of ID. This tends to be an item issued by the UK government. Items like a Driving Licence, UK Passport or a Residence pass/Share code. This then proves you have the right to work. This doesn’t mean send us your latest selfie which does happen from time to time.

“Do you have any criminal convictions”

While some of our clients are able to accept a criminal conviction charge with some of their vacancies, there are some of our client’s we work closely with that are unable to. This is due to those clients needing a DBS check on all employees due to the nature of their business. So if you have a criminal conviction tell us early on. This doesn’t mean we can’t help you with other roles. It may just help us understand which roles we can’t assist you with.

This also applies to “do you have a full and clean driving licence”. Some roles require you to have a full driving licence and some roles come with a company car. Meaning you would be added to the firms insurance, some insurance policies have restrictions including points.

“Do you have any disabilities”

This is so we are aware of any assistance you may need, and we of course want to be able to support you.

We can ensure that the client we are putting you forward to has things in place to help you. Things like wheel chair access, accessible toilets and anything that’s needed to be put in place to help. We will ensure that our clients are willing to get this support in place if it’s not already available. This is to make the process easier and stress free for yourselves.

“Have you had any Covid Jabs/Prepared to get them?”

This is due to some areas/sectors requiring a policy due to vulnerable employees/clients.

All the questions within the application form are there to help us understand what you want to achieve within your career. It’s best to answer them with the upmost truth to ensure we can reach the full potential with your application.

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.