Off to Uni? Here’s Some Tips & Tricks to Ensure You Stay on Top of the Work

Congratulations! You’re going to Uni! Now comes the real pressure of individual learning, keeping up with deadlines and maintaining enough time to socialise and get on with everything else you need to do. The Uni life can be the best place for someone to learn and grow into the adult they want to be, but in order to do that effectively, you need to learn how to deal with the increasing workload that you will be handed. Especially if you decide to work whilst at university.

Make a Study Timetable

Managing your time is a real art whilst at Uni. Just like doing anything, you need a solid plan in order for everything to fall into place they way you would want it to. This includes studying. Although a study timetable might seem a bit “childish” to some, it allows you to structure your week and allow for ample time to catch up on any missed classes and allows you to digest the information in your own time.

Creating a study timetable will also allow you to structure your social time. This means you can get the full university life without compromising on your studies.

Set Goals

Nothing is a bigger motivation to complete a project or a piece of coursework more than a deadline. But don’t make your deadline the day of submission! Plan for unexpected situations and set your deadline before the submission date. This will motivate you to keep your work as a priority and prevent the stressful last-minute rush to get everything together to submit. This technique will also allow you to go over your work in your own time, allow your brain to absorb all the information that you have collected and piece everything together. Nothing is worse than handing in a rushed submission and then realising that spelling mistake was still in there, or that conclusion you weren’t happy about and wanted to rewrite but not having enough time to do was still in there. These simple mistakes can be easily avoided just by setting an early deadline and then giving yourself the time to go over everything in your own time.

Over time you will find setting goals helps for preparation of the future.

Keeping ontop of study

Use the Assets that are available to you

Although places like the library may not be the most exciting places to visit for most of us, they are great places for you to study for any upcoming exams or for your coursework.

Although most of us have access to the internet within our homes or student accommodation so feel no need to travel to the library, being able to separate ourselves from the other things we do at home (e.g. cooking, cleaning, socialising and everything else) can allow us to focus on what we need to do. Getting away from these distractions will help separate your home life to your work life too. This can also help improve your sleeping schedule as your bedroom will no longer become a place of work and rest. Meaning that you will feel less stressed within your student accommodation and making the most out of your Uni life.

Focus on your Priorities

One of the first things you should do at university is set out your main priorities. Now, this may be breaking the ice with your new flatmates, creating a new friend group or delving headfirst into studying. Setting your priorities is essential for University life.

As time goes by, you will change your priorities, an example may be at the very beginning your priority may be to create a new friendship group. But over time you will shift your study as the main priority. After all, that is the main reason why you go to University.

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