Fast Track Degrees | Everything You Need to Know

What is a fast track degree?

With many degrees taking 3 years from start to finish. Many students worry about getting into debt. Universities have started to offer fast track degree programs. These degrees will be a more condensed version of the same degree. For example, a degree that takes 3 years is shortened down to 2 years. 

The degree covers the same information, but means that the students would have more work throughout the week, shorter holidays away and potentially other related factors.

Accelerated Degree Benefits

With a major benefit being the amount of time it takes to complete the course. There are many other benefits to consider before choosing either a standard degree or a fast track degree. 


A fast track degree allows students to save money. This is due to the shorter total length of the degree. Although the main concern may be the reduced amount of free time. You actually still have time in the summer for things such as work experience, internships, downtime or travelling. 

Another factor in regards to time is the shortened breaks in between studying. This is a result of higher demand on students. You won’t have to be worried about getting back into studying and picking it up again after a long break. 


In regards to the financial benefits, an accelerated degree allows you to save money. This is due to the decreased time spent at the university. This in turn results in students being able to start working sooner. 

Also, if you are paying for accommodation, the fees can be reduced as your there for a shorter term. Therefore, if you were unsure about using universities accommodation, it can still be an option if you are doing an accelerated degree. 


By finishing university quicker you are able to join the job market quicker than others who are still yet to finish their degree. This can be a major help in being a top choice for certain graduate jobs.

Something to consider before choosing to go with a fast track degree is that there is usually a more stringent entry requirement. This is simply due to the higher level of expectations and work. Despite this factor, if you are motivated and focused enough to carry it out, this is definitely a path to consider. 

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If you are motivated enough for a fast track degree, than you can benefit greatly from things such as minimised debt and earlier job opportunities. Although, it must be remembered that with this type of degree, there will be a higher expectation for work, shorter breaks, and may not be available for all courses.

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