Questions You Should Ask At A Graduate Interview

1. Ask for details about the day to day responsibilities of the role

This question will give you an idea of what the employers expectations are and will also help you to make the decision on whether the role is right for you.  Getting extra details about the specifics of what your day to day schedule will look like will give you a good insight of what to expect.

2. How can you impress in the first three months

Asking this question shows a potential employer that you’re keen to make a good impression and a positive contribution to their organisation. It will also give you a valuable information about which areas of the job you should be focusing on in your first few months.

3. Training and progression opportunities

Not only does this question give you a good insight into your possible future with the organisation, but it also shows the employer that you’recommitted to a long term career with them. If you’re looking for a role where you can develop and grow, its important that you find out the training routes that are available so that you can draw up a vague picture of what your career may look like.

4. Where is the company headed in the next 5 years’

Asking about the company’s future shows a real, long term interest in the organisation. It will also give you a better understanding of where the company is headed in the near future and may give you more details on possible upcoming events.

5. Ask about the team you’ll be working with

This question will help you to better understand the structure of the organisation, where your department fits, who you’ll be reporting to etc. It will also give you a better insight into the company culture and give you more details about what to expect from the team you’ll be working most closely with.

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