What to expect from online assessments and interviews

How the interview process has changed during Covid-19:

The use of online aptitude tests, personality questionnaires, and online first stage interviews has grown rapidly over the last few years, with Covid19 spiralling it into the new norm. To comply with government guidelines, may companies have pushed technology to the forefront of their recruitment and selection processes rather than using the typical face to face interview or assessment day. Some may prefer a Zoom interview over travelling to an office as it saves time on travel and other expenses, where as others prefer to get a real feel for a company and its culture. Although this may not be everyone’s favourite, its reality. So, it’s a good idea to familiarise your self with the new processes’ companies are using to give yourself the best chance at interview.

Online assessments –Online tests can be used at the beginning of the recruitment processes to illuminate CV’s and whittle down to the candidates to be brough in for interview, or they can be used later in the selection process to be added to the already gathered information about a candidate. These tests are used to determine skills and competencies as well as logical reasoning and problem-solving ability, personality type and verbal and numerical skills. Situational judgement tests that are specific to the role are also common where you’ll be given a series of work-related scenarios and asked to choose the most appropriate course of action. Since there are such a vast variety of different tests it can be harder to prepare. But it’s always a good step to research into a company and their testing styles to give you a little help and put your mind at ease.

Virtual interviews – familiarise yourself with the different video platforms used in the interview process. Popular ones tend to be Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams. If you’ve never used them before, login on before the interview and have a play around on it. Make sure you know how to use it to avoid any technical issues during the interview.  Even though its online, its still a formal interview so remember to look smart and put together, from where they can see you at least! Pick the quietest place you can find to minimise distractions; the employer can probably sympathise with the fact you’re at home but still try to minimise any noise or unwanted guests during your interview.