How to cope with the pressure of job hunting

Looking for a new job is a job in itself. Filling out long application forms, personalising your CV for every job, carefully wording individual cover letters, and all for an automatic email or sometimes no response at all. Then, when you do finally get a call back or even an interview, you’re rejected with no real feedback and you’re back to square one. It’s draining. It can be hard to keep on a brave face and a can-do attitude when challenged with constant rejection and little support. Listed below are some tips to help you if you’re struggling with your job search.

  • Manage your stress by managing your time. Structuring how and when you apply for jobs can help to clear your head and help you to focus. Organise your tasks and create a timetable of when you’ll carry out each task at a specific time, and remember to include breaks! It’s crucial to set boundaries for yourself as it will give you a sense of control so makes sure your job search isn’t eating into every second of your day. Staying up late at night applying for jobs won’t do any good for your overall productivity or mental health. Create a schedule and stick to it! 

  • Rejection is never easy, especially when it feels never ending. Remember to not take it personally, it doesn’t define you. If you are tuned down for a position ask for feedback where you can and don’t linger on the negatives, instead use it as an opportunity to better yourself. If you do need to blow off some steam have a good old vent to friends and family. Getting it all off your chest can help you heal faster. Keep going, another ‘no’ is closer to that final yes!

  • TAKE A BREAK and do things you enjoy. Before things start to get too much make sure you set time aside to unwind. It can be as simple as going for a walk, doing some exercise, going to see friends, have a cup of tea or even just taking your eyes off the screen for a while. Above all your mental health is the most important, don’t let the job search take over your life.

You’re not alone, ask others for support if you need it.

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