Focus now as well as save money as a graduate

Time to Focus on your spending and saving money while at university. This can help you in the future and build a better version of yourself.

Focus and save when it comes to University
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Focus on where to start

A great starting point is making a list and writing down everything that you need to pay for. How you’re going to pay for it all? Student loan? Money sent you from back home? Or by supporting yourself and getting a job?

If the option is the latter then you have more chance of saving money. This is due to the fact your student loan is a lump sum and it will run out…. Money from family is great but not always the easiest option when you need more. Getting a job makes you independent and you will grow as a person a lot quicker. You will find yourself appreciating every penny you earnt.

Make a plan

If finding a job is the option you have chosen check out our latest blog on How to get a well written CV to help with getting the best results from your CV.

Once you have worked out your best option for getting money you can work out what funds you have available after you have paid your bills. This is where being focused on saving comes in. Check out the best savings accounts from all the banks and get one opened so you can start stuffing away a little from time to time.

Use the Skimming trick

This is a trick that whatever money hits your account you skim 10% off and add it to your savings account. You can even set up a standing order to the savings account so it does it automatically each month for you. Making you a nice little nest egg to use when you need it.

Have a No Spend day each week

By setting yourself a limit on spends daily is a great way to make sure you’re not over spending. Another great way is setting yourself a NO SPEND day. This is a day of the week you just don’t spend anything. It’s a simple way of saving money, as the money you could have spent can be moved to your savings account.

Saving in a bank isn’t the only option.

Save on your shopping and luxuries sensible will also benefit your pocket. After around 6pm, most supermarkets start to make reductions on fresh produce. They look at best before dates and start putting on the reduced stickers on.

Making a list of everything you need will help keep you on a scale. If your flexible on brand and flavours you could bag yourself a bag of fresh produce at a bargain price. The shop own branded items will save you money as will the world food aisles. They have great prices on food cupboard staples like rice and pasta etc.

TOP TIP: don’t shop on an empty shopping. It can lead to impulse buying.

There are also apps that you can download that help the stop of food waste. A popular one is called too good to go. This retailer is determined to help fix food waste. Simply download the app and create an account. You can then see retailers like Morrisons, Greggs, Starbucks and costa to name a few that will post “magic bags” at a reduced cost. Select the “magic bag” you want, pay for the bag and then head to the store within your collection time window.

You will receive goods that they can not save for the next day. The bag could have cakes, sandwiches, pastas, milk etc in them. SO again, if you’re not to fussy this can help at least create a meal maybe two.

Loyalty points

Make sure you apply for loyalty cards, Nectar, Clubcard, Sparks, Boots etc. They will all save points which will convert to money off, saving you money in the long run. You can also benefit from some great savings from having these cards.

Going out?

ONLY TAKE CASH!!! This means when your cash has run out its home time. You won’t then spend more than planned. Ensure you keep some aside for taxi fare if its needed.

All of the savings are just being smart. Smart with the way you’re living and smart with the way you’re saving. It all comes down to you and what you want from your experience of life.

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