Exam Preparation – Top Tips

Don’t leave it to last minute! The worst thing you can do is leave it all your work to the last few days, weeks or even months depending on your workload. Although there’s no harm in going over things last minute, trying to learn a whole years’ worth of content in a few hours is impossible. Exam season is stressful enough as is so there’s no need to make it worse. If you want to minimise stress and prepare yourself as best as possible follow these next steps!

1. Manage Your Time

A lot of the time exams aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. Some of us have other commitments such as lectures/classes, part time jobs, family commitments, extracurricular activities, socialising, and of course downtime. Whilst many of these things can be put on hold for your exam period, some have to be incorporated into your schedule. The best way to effectively manage your time is to create an exam/study timetable. Start by noting down when your exams are and see how much time you have in between now and when they start. This way you can split the content you need to learn into the time you have to learn it. Setting times to revise and having a visual to tick off can not only be motivating but can easily show you how far you come and what you have left to do. After your study time has been accounted for you can factor in your other activities. Studying is extremely important but so is your relaxation time.   

Exam prep - are you ready?

2. Exercise Often

You’ve probably heard it a million times but exercise can be a great way to unwind and get rid of that stressed energy. Some of us love a good sweat session to relive anxiety where as others aren’t so keen. An intense 2-hour workout definitely isn’t necessary, something as simple as a long walk can do the trick. Just make sure to get that body moving. Especially when it comes to exam week when you’ve done the most you can doing exercise can be a great way to clear your head and calm your nerves. 

3. Diet

The way you energise your body can have a huge impact on your performance. People tend to go one of two ways when they’re stressed, either they comfort eat all the wrong things or they don’t eat at all. Both of these are a sure-fire way to negatively impact your health. It’s so important to fuel your body with healthy foods that will realise energy steadily and help you to feel better. It can be hard to cook healthy meals when you feel rushed for time or not hungry at all but it’s so important. Try planning meals from beforehand and keep them simple. Then, after a hard day’s work there’s no harm in treating yourself to a snack or treat. You definitely deserve it!

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