End of the Saturday job?

A survey has found that Saturday jobs are no longer a rite of passage. Especially for teenagers who now rely on short-term “gigs” to earn money.

Financial services provider OneFamily found that only 23% of teens surveyed have a once-a-week job. Compared to 43% of their parents when they were younger.

The research found that 45% of teens are earning cash by picking up odd jobs which fit in around their lives. Instead of having set hours in a shop or a paper round

A quarter of teens in full-time education said weekend roles no longer exist. Additionally one in six felt businesses do not want to employ young people.

Some older teens reported using apps to find odd jobs. Things like mowing the lawn, to earn some quick money – something their parents would not have had access to.

More than a third (37%) of those earning money from odd jobs believe it is the most lucrative way of working.

Four in 10 teens earning money, do it to save up for big expenses such as a holiday or a new gadget.

Source: https://news.sky.com/story/end-of-the-saturday-job-teens-prefer-casual-work-11522778

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