Are You CV Fit?

Is your CV up to scratch? When job hunting your CV is your biggest weapon so make sure it’s polished!


Your CV needs to be clear and easy to read. Potential employers need to be able to pull information from it quickly so make sure it’s easy to find. Layout your information clearly, ensuring your work experience and education are in chronological order and contact details are visible. A jumbled CV is likely to be overlooked so make sure to neaten yours up.

Keep it up to date

Update your CV with any extra skills you’ve earnt, awards you’ve earned, and any experience you’ve gained from education, work, online courses etc. A lot of people forget to update their CV’s with their new skills and it can make a huge difference to their job search. Remember that your CV is the first thing your potential employers will see and will be the first thing they judge you by. It’s extremely important to include ALL your relevant skills and experience so you don’t miss out.


First impressions count and a sloppy CV isn’t the way to go. Simple errors like missing punctuation, spelling mistakes, unprecise language can make your CV look unprofessional. After you’re hay with it there’s no harm in asking someone to proofread for you just to double-check.

If you need help writing your CV please visit our CV writing page or if you have any other questions please contact us today.