What to do after Christmas and before New Year?

The presents have been unwrapped, the turkey has been eaten and everyone is now relaxed and enjoying the Christmas spirit (or spirits!). You’re starting to realise that you’re not back at work or university now for at least another week. What do you do with this amazing time off? You don’t want to waste the precious time off but you also don’t want to do too much, but what do you do?

We have come up with a plan so you get a couple of nice days out, as well as a few days at home enjoying the well-deserved time off.

After Christmas

It’s boxing day, maybe feeling slightly delicate and wanting to veg out on the sofa with all those Christmas goodies you got in your stocking. Why not plan an afternoon walk with family/friends/pets to blow away the cobwebs.

Check out the local country parks in your area. Get your wellies on, wrap up warm with that knitted scarf from your distant family member and get out in to the fresh air. Take photos, enjoy the time outside, do a spot of bird watching, maybe enjoy a hot chocolate from the local café at the park.

Along comes the 27th

This day can be the day that many people feel the dread from eating all the Christmas food. They feel their trousers are tighter and the bank balances empty. Well don’t just sit there being a hippo and self-wallowing.

Get up, put all those left overs to use and make a bubble and squeak for breakfast, prep some nice turkey stuffing sandwiches for lunch and plan what’s for dinner. Let’s get this train back on its track and get the planning stated. This won’t reduce your waist line or fill your bank account but it will stop you thinking about it and being a scrooge at home. Put on some movies, you can still watch Christmas movies, grab some snacks (again won’t help your waist line) and enjoy your family time.

Job Search

You might be thinking new year coming up new me, maybe you have finished university in the last few years and thinking the time is right to secure that dream job. NOW is the best time to get all your ducks in a row and start to apply. Check out our current vacancies page for new graduates to see the latest roles. You could also be an experienced graduate looking for the next step in your career.

Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced graduate, there really is no better time to look for a role. Your currently off work/university so have plenty of time to get all your information together. Update your CV, write your cover letter and getting it sent out to future employers. January is a very busy period for recruitment, so make sure your details are there for the employers to see when they return.

Check your LinkedIn is up to date with work dates and education dates. You can also make it public knowledge that you’re looking on LinkedIn along with what you’re looking for. This is helpful for recruiters when they are looking for new candidates.

Moving throughout the rest of the week

Some people like to pop their Christmas decorations away but if you’re not one of these people carry on enjoying them. There is no right or wrong with Christmas and everyone has their own traditions.

You could do some baking, cookies and brownies always go down well at this time of year. You can even use some of the Christmas chocolate within the ingredients. This uses it up and stop it hanging around for too long.

Why not have a look at your local city through your time off. Check out the sales, spend some of your Christmas money if your one of the lucky few that receive some.

Some cities are also putting on events over the Christmas period. Things like popup ice skating rinks. I know London have a few of these dotted around. Birmingham and Milton Keynes have their own permanent ice skating rinks to visit whenever you want. Make sure you look at booking for all of them to avoid disappointment.

A lot of the stately homes that have the light trails like Blenheim Palace. They have these running throughout the Christmas – New year period.

Warwick castle has lots to offer including an ice-skating rink. 

Leeds Castle has a Christmas event running until 3rd January 2023. Looks like that has a lot to offer from Christmas trail, castle maze as well as a selfie sleigh!!

Nottingham have a Christmas winter wonderland running until 31st Dec 2022. Including a pop up ice rink and an ice bar. Offering handmade gifts and delicious foods.

Round up

Try to get the most out of your time off and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. From everyone at The Graduate Recruitment, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.