Graduate Schemes Are Amazing, Do You Need One?

Are you looking for a future leader to join your team? Probably you heard about graduate schemes but are unsure what they are. Well, you are in the right place. We are here to explain them in as much detail as possible to help you decide if they are the right choice for your company. Graduate Schemes provide impeccable experience to students by offering them work experience in your company through various training programmes. 

Graduate schemes

What are Graduate Schemes?

Graduate schemes are something that students typically want to move into when they have finished their undergraduate degree. Companies design them for graduates to ensure the talent they are hiring gets a full 360 training plan and experience of the business with the potential of progressing through the levels of promotion within the company.

Different types of Graduate schemes offered

There are three main types of graduate schemes: Rotational, Technical Expert and project. All three offer something different to the graduate students. Let’s understand each of them briefly.  

Rotational Schemes

These schemes are best suited to students who are looking for managerial positions. Business students will typically apply for these. Rotational schemes offer students the opportunity to learn skills that are transferrable across a variety of departments.

Technical Experts Schemes

This type of scheme allows graduate students the option of being a part of a specific area within their desired career path and for them to give it their undivided attention. This is ideal for those students who have a clear idea of what they want to do in the future and simply want to collect more practical experience. An example of the type of role that may use this type of scheme is mechanical engineering.

Project Schemes

This type of role aims to combine elements of rotational and technical expert roles. Allowing graduates to work within a variety of roles for some time, whilst also allowing them to focus on more specific areas that interest them. For example, accounting and finance graduates may seek out such roles as they allow them to gain practical skills working with business payrolling systems, with a more general focus on how to use their knowledge of forecasting to crunch departmental spending.

Alternatively, not all employers will have a graduate scheme for new employees, particularly if they are a small business. Industries where graduate schemes are particularly common include HR, healthcare, banking, and consulting.

Reasons to offer a graduate program

Firstly, Graduate programs are an affordable hiring option. Generally, graduates will begin on lower salaries than experienced hires, but their potential value to the company is unlimited. Graduates will value opportunity and responsibility.

Secondly, bridges the gap between university and work. Early career graduates are keen to gain experience, knowledge, and skills within your company. Offering a more structured scheme rather than just a graduate job will help to transition recent graduates with little experience but strong potential.

Thirdly, talent. Using a specialist recruitment agency like ours, can offer you an amazing opportunity for finding professional & confident candidates.

Opportunity to grow. Graduates want responsibility along with the opportunity to present and execute, their ideas could be invaluable to the business when trying to grow.

Finally, Offers company value. A successful scheme will be a great way to brand your company. If you can offer a successful graduate scheme people will be talking about it.

If you want help or advice with getting started with your own graduate scheme then please contact us or connect on LinkedIn and an expert will be happy to help.