Volunteering students can do amazing things

Volunteering as a student can really help you later in your job search. You can volunteer within your local community. Take part in fundraising events as well as travel to the other side of the world to make a difference. Additionally, volunteering is always a great extracurricular activity to be seen on a CV.

What is out there?

Most universities run a variety of volunteering groups that meet up within the local community. These can cover areas such as:


You could volunteer at a language café and help international students improve their language skills, building their confidence. You can also meet new people.


Volunteering at a food bank and helping those less fortunate. Especially working within the kitchen, helping serve food can really help not just the organisation but also the public that need a hand.


Spend time within a care home and help the elderly tackle loneliness. Help the staff with chores. Play some bored games with the residence. Offer to play music so they can have a dance. In addition simply take them for a walk in the area.

Children and young people

Take part in one-on-one tutoring or organise days where you can go to local establishments to offer yourself as an extra hand. Maybe on school trips or just as a reading assistant.

The Environment

Have a look for a local litter picking groups if you can not find one maybe create one. Furthermore, this can then be something other students can help with and you can hand down to the next generation when your leaving university for them to continue.


Approach your local hospitals and see if they need help within their staff. You could volunteer to take the meals to patients. Transport patients to and from departments or additionally simply offering company to those who have no one.

Volunteering abroad

Universities have often offered opportunities for volunteering abroad or have links with charities and volunteering projects overseas. These can be a great way to use those long summer holidays in addition to this you can experience different cultures away from the mainstream of tourism.

Common projects usually include a challenge. Things like a trek through the jungle or hiking up mountains. Besides teaching English in a foreign country or helping at sporting events like the Olympics can be beneficial. Working within conservations helping with the construction of projects. Working with the local children or animals.

Volunteering abroad means you need to consider a few more things like:


A lot of organisations will charge an administration or joining fee. While your accommodation will be covered in most cases. You may be expected to pay for your flights as well as any vaccinations you might require when going to certain countries.

You will need to consider if you need a visa and additionally pay for this. As well as any specialised equipment you might need to take for excursions i.e. sleeping bag, water proofs etc.

Please ensure you do your research into the organisation and trip and look at their reviews from previous volunteers. If you are finding your own volunteering opportunity overseas please check that the organisation are a reputable and reliable one. Check out their ethics, safety, sustainability, and the impact of the projects they run.

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