Tips For Graduate Assessment Days – How To Prepare

What Is A Graduate Assessment Day?

Assessment centres or assessment days are a regular feature of the recruitment process for graduate schemes. Employers bring together a group of candidates who complete a series of exercises, tests and interviews that are designed to evaluate their suitability for the jobs within the organisation.

graduates standing in a line in front of a sunset

How To Prepare

Get all the information you can – read through the invitation carefully. It should tell you what to bring with you, what to prepare, and may give you some information on what to expect. If you have any questions there’s no harm in contacting the employer, it’s always better to ask.

Research the Firm and the Role – As with any interview make sure you research the company and the role you’re going for. Not only will this give you more confidence when you go in, but it can also give you a chance to impress with your knowledge. Check the company’s website, social media’s, and use sites such as Glassdoor for reviews on the company and role from current and previous staff. This will give you an unbiased insight into what you should expect.

Do the work – Some assessment centres will require you to prepare and deliver a presentation or create a portfolio etc. This information will be given to you beforehand so don’t worry. Just make sure you rehearse your presentation so that you’re confident on the day, even thinking about the possible questions they could ask you and how you would answer.

Get ready for group exercises – Almost all assessment days include group and team exercises to see how well you’d perform in a work environment. The trick is being able to stand out without overpowering your teammates. As well as focusing on your own performance try to support and encourage others too. This will who that you’re a team player and willing to help others.

Plan ahead – Assessment days are stressful enough so don’t make it worse. Plan your routine from the day before including how you’re going to get there, what time you’re going to leave (considering traffic), and even what you’re going to wear. That means when you wake up in the morning all you have to think about is getting ready and leaving. Feeling more prepared will help you to feel confident and in turn help you to perform better.

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