Should I Take a Master’s After my Undergraduate Studies?

Congratulations on graduating with your Bachelor’s degree! So what next?

You could choose to throw yourself straight in at the deep end and begin working – but where could you be in the future if you continue studying for a Master’s? 

A Master’s degree provides you with a level 7 qualification which is highly desirable to any employer. This significantly boosts your job prospects. You can complete a Master’s within two years or four years if you want to take a part-time course. Are you still on the fence about taking your education further after university? We’re here to highlight why it absolutely can be the right decision for you. 

Further Your Knowledge With a Master’s Degree 

If there’s a part of your subject that you’re particularly interested in, then why learn everything there is about it? A master’s can also help with your own personal development, both on a professional level and within social settings.

Master’s Degrees Make You More Employable

A master’s proves to employers that you have the knowledge required to do the job. I also shows that you were passionate enough to take your studies to that next level. A Higher Education Policy Institute report released in 2020 shows that employees with a Master’s Degree earn, on average, 18% more than those with a first degree. Whilst it’s often not essential, there’s no doubt that a master’s will give your employability level a substantial boost.

Try Something New 

Fancy a change? A master’s degree is the perfect opportunity to study something completely different and develop your skills in something new. Employers are excited by variety on a CV. It shows them that you have interests and knowledge in multiple fields and are willing to take a risk. Taking a Master’s in a different subject means you will mix with people who share your passion and interests.

Further Your Career With a Master’s

By taking a master’s degree, you can often skip the first stage of working life. It shows that you’ve taken the time to further your skills and makes you more likely to enter working life in a higher level position than you would with a lower level degree. You will also be in a favourable consideration for promotions that will help to accelerate your career. 

Connect With Likeminded People 

Humans are social creatures, and having common interests is an important aspect of how we socialise. Not only will you be mixing with students who are interested in the same subject as you, but conversing with lecturers and other professionals in your field is less intimidating when you really know your stuff. 

The Graduate 

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