Presenting yourself professionally

Presenting yourself professionally is key in the workplace and when attending interviews as people WILL take you more seriously. It’s all about knowing what the standard is in a company/industry and finding a way to adhere to these standards in your own way. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon learn how to best present yourself.

Make sure your attire is consistent with the company culture. This will differ from company to company, as well as between industries. As a rule of thumb make sure you’re always well groomed, your clothes are clean and intact, and your personal hygiene is at its highest!

Accessorize appropriately. In a work place, especially if there is uniform, it can be easy to lose your individuality. Small accessories can be a subtle way of still being you whilst adhering to company policy. Just make sure they are appropriate for the company culture.

Dress according to the position you want. If you’re aspiring to a management position and managers at your company dress more formally, follow their lead. This will make you appear more suitable for the role, and may make you stand out. Think about how you initially feel about someone you’ve haven’t met before, when they are either dressed casually or formally. When meeting someone its natural to subconsciously judge them, and before you get to know someone appearance is the first indicator of who you are.

Be mindful of your workspace. Keep your workspace clean and organized. How you personalise your work space can differ for each company, so make sure you stick within company culture! If you do work at your own desk it’s nice to make it feel like it’s yours with a few personal touches like a picture frame or maybe a small plant.

Behave professionally. No matter how casual your work environment, it’s critical that you behave professionally at all times. This doesn’t necessarily mean being serious all the time, just ensure that you consistently deliver good work, meet deadlines and be on time for meetings. When at work, work should always come first. Save that chat about your weekend for your break and make sure you’re always seen doing something productive!  And lastly, always be polite and positive—even when others aren’t.