Need to know more about professional psychometric test

A psychometric test is an empirically validated method of gauging intelligence, aptitude, personality, or any other concept that is primarily to do with a candidate’s mental faculties. Companies have been using psychometrics to assess candidates since the mid-20th century. The methods keep getting ever more sophisticated and rigorous.

Psychometric test

What is a Psychometric Test?

A Psychometric Test is an activity or assessment. It is used to check a candidate’s performance and can include but is not limited to: Skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, and job/academic potential.

There are many psychometric test styles and formats. The 3 main areas include aptitude tests, behavioural tests, and assessment centres.

Aptitude Tests: These tests have the goal of assessing various cognitive abilities from numeracy and literacy skills to spatial awareness and more.

Behavioural Tests: Intended to highlight specific personality traits that could indicate suitability for specific roles. These can come in the form of personality questionnaires, leadership tests, motivation tests and situational judgement tests.

Assessment Centres: Based on human interaction assessments. Various exercises utilise job-specific skills and simulations. Usually carried out by assessors/psychologists.

How to prepare

Many employers use psychometrics tests as part of the recruitment process. They are very common in graduate jobs, work placements and internships. You do not have to revise before a psychometric test. On the other hand, it does not hurt to get some practice in. This will give you the chance to get familiar with the types of questions employers may ask. Additionally, overcome some nerves you may have. Also it helps you work out how much time you are likely to have on each question so you can pace yourself. You can find practice tests for free here:

The Psychometric Test Project

The British Psychological Society

SHL practice tests

Additionally, ensure you have spoken to your university’s career service. They may be able to give you free access to test materials. They may also run workshops or mock assessment centres to help you prepare.

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