January blues – How to beat them

Christmas is a good distraction from the cold, dark, miserable weather as its usually full of excitement, gift giving, good food etc. So, when the holiday is over and all we’re left with is long nights and little to look forward too it can be easy to feel low. Even more so with further lockdown restrictions being announced just days after the holiday. In these circumstances its completely justified to feel down and not completely yourself, but here are some tips on how to help you beat those January blues and feel somewhat normal.

Avoid unrealistic new year’s resolutions

This year may already be hard enough without you holding yourself to unrealistic expectations. Setting yourself goals throughout the year can be a good way to keep motivated, but just make sure they are within reach. There’s nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure to make yourself feel even worse, especially if you’re already finding the year difficult. Remember to be kind to yourself and take it easy!

Go outside!

Seems pretty straightforward but its easy to get comfortable with not leaving the house, especially if you’re working from home. Not only is fresh air good for you but sunlight plays a huge part in our sleep cycles and overall health. Less exposure to daylight in the winter months is a common cause of insomnia and feeling more depressed, so even if it’s a quick 5 mins on your lunch break, get outside!

Plan for your year

Things are uncertain right now, as they have been since last year. This feeling of uncertainty and loss of control can be incredibly draining and starting off 2021 in the same way is taking a toll on everyone. Although future plans can’t yet be set in stone, it doesn’t mean you can’t loosely plan your year anyway with room for possible changing restrictions. Having plans for your year, no matter how small, will give you something to look forward to and will help to make the future a little less bleak. This could include new career aspirations, holidays, exercise goals, or even new places to go for walks!

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