Interviews: How to make a good impression

We all know that there is nothing more important than first impressions, this is even more important at an interview of any kind, especially job interviews. If to get a job all you needed were the qualifications you have achieved written down on a piece of paper then this would make interviews easy. However, this isn’t the case as researches have revealed. It’s been found out that the first impression has the capacity to shape how the company will perceive you. Hence, by making a good impression, you substantially increase the chances of you landing a job. Use these 10 tips to impress in your interview:

important interview

  1. Dress Appropriately

Dress code is a very important way to impress at interviews. Ensure that you’re appropriately dressed for the job you’re seeking. Your attire should be professional, making sure that you appear as though you’re meeting an important client, making an important presentation or you’re to have lunch with a CEO or senior VP.

  1. Arrive Early Enough

The ideal time that an interviewee should arrive at the interview is about 10 to 15 minutes before the interview begins. If you’re late, the message you’re passing is that you can’t be relied on and don’t follow instructions. Hence, make sure you’re neither too early nor late for the interview so as to impress the panel.

  1. Be Confident as You Get In

The entrance you make when it is your turn to face the panel is very vital for

making the right impression. When you get into the room, you should be exuding a lot of confidence that even the panel is able to notice. Keep your head up, smile, acknowledge those in the reception area or the interview room and say hello.

  1. Offer a Firm Handshake

Once you’ve confidently entered the room and said hello, shake the hands of the interviewees by offering firm grips. Ensure that the handshake is neither limp nor too tight. This shows that the level of confidence you have is high and you know what you’re capable of. In case you’re seated when someone comes into the room, extend your hand as you get up to great them.

  1. Show Kindness to Everyone

Ensure that you’re kind to everyone that you come across. In all encounters you make, ensure you make a good first impression since the people on the frontlines may give their perceptions of you with the decision makers in the hiring process.

happy interviewee

  1. Show Interest

Without showing interest in the interview or the job opportunity itself, you’ll be sending a message that you lack the passion for this line of profession. Your actions should communicate that you’re excited about the potential job despite the fact that you may not be so interested in it.

  1. Don’t be Careless with Your Remarks

The intention of most interviews isn’t to be insensitive or insulting. However, you may find yourself saying something that you’d regret later. Don’t be too casual when starting conversations and never talk about topics that are controversial.

  1. Prepare to talk about yourself and the company

You will always have the conversation about the company you are interviewing for. Don’t appear as though you’re arrogant by acting like a know-it-all kind of person. Do your background research on the interview and have some knowledge about it and pass the information with intelligence if you’re asked to. You need to show that you are happy to do research to ensure you understand situations more thoroughly.

  1. Do Body Check Before the Interview

Ensure you’ve taken a quick stock of yourself before you leave the house, from your appearance and makeup to all the small things you may not think about. Get rid of loose change from the pocket, ensure your cell phone is off and don’t carry anything unnecessary to the interview.

  1. Ensure You know the Right Interviewer’s Name

Getting the name of the interview the first time they say it can do more than you think in the way they perceive of you. So, ensure you get it right the first time they tell it to you & make sure you use it throughout, this will show you listen and are keen to form a relationship.

With these tips under your belt, you should be able to get through any interview and make a great impression. By making sure you impress at your interview you have the best chance of being invited back for a second interview or even the job.