How to Return to University after Christmas Break

The time has come for you to return to your University. You will no doubt of had (we hope) a lovely festive Christmas break with all your friends and family. It’s now time to pack everything up and head back to Uni. Some students may be keen to get back to the independence that comes with Uni life, others might be feeling a little daunted.

These students might be reminding themselves, while they pack that they were happy at university. It’s not like they don’t want to go back, they just don’t want to miss everyone again!


Getting your head back to University

Start reminding yourself of all the things you have at Uni. Your own space, friends who you haven’t seen for 6 weeks or so, start planning to go out in the evenings to the unions with them for drinks to catch up.

You’re now starting to feel a little better about leaving the friends and family at home again. This is ok, its natural to compartmentalise it in this way. Your family and friends know you are doing this to better yourself. They wish to send you on your merrily way back to university to become even more amazing then you already are!

Helpful tips:

  • If you need some tips to help you combat this homesickness and get back to studying.
  • Pack some extra home comforts this time, some extra photos maybe or anything that holds a special memory.
  • Let your friends and family know when they can come and visit. Make a nice trip of it & suggest they stay local in hotels, unless you have the space for them in your accommodation. This way you can show them the sights and let them see why you enjoy it so much!
  • Make a plan as to when you’re next going to go home. Let everyone know the dates and get things arranged so you can enjoy every moment and have things to look forward to.
  • Try to get stuck back into work, this will take your mind off home and keep you focused.

Remember things will get better. Its natural to keep thinking about home but it will get easier as time goes on.  Your friends and family back home are at the end of a phone for a pick me up if you need one.

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