How to prevent Procrastinating and keep on track

When you have a lot on your plate it becomes easy to start procrastinating. It becomes real easy to sit back and think there is ample time to work and study and that’s when you loose track of time. Exams will get closer and closer each day that passes so make sure your prepared. We have had a look and come up with some tips to help you not Sur come to procrastination.

Make a plan

Write down your goals and create a plan to achieve them. This will then be your study guide. It will keep you on schedule and help you achieve your end goal. Make sure you allow for things to change when needed but also ensure its practical and you can keep to it.

Some students use the ABCDE method.

So, write down the things you need to do and prioritise them using this method:

Label A – Are the tasks that you must do. You can number them as well in to sub categories like A1, A2, A3 etc.

Label B – These are the tasks you should do. Replying to emails or attending meetings are often tasks in this category

Label C – Tasks that are nice-to-do. You would like to do them but there are no consequences if you don’t.

Label D – Tasks that you should delegate to someone else so you have more time for you A labelled tasks.

Label E – Simply things that you should eliminate.

This is a simple format that you can edit as you wish depending on your plans.


Preparing to work before you start to work is also keen to success. Making sure you have a clear desk with your notes arranged will help keep your mind straight on the task in hand. Keeping some snacks and drinks in a draw will also help stopping you wandering off to the kitchen for food and stop you getting distracted.


Leave your phone on silent in another area of the room so it does not distract you. The same with anything on your laptop that can pop up ensure these are muted so you can truly concentrate on the task in hand.


Allocate yourself time to work along with study breaks. It will help increase your productivity levels knowing that you have a break coming up. Set up a session where you can exercise or factor in a walk around campus to get the fresh air running through you again. Keep yourself hydrated during studies and breaks as this will also keep you fresh. Try to avoid junk food when scheduling in snack breaks as this can make you feel tried. Keep to fruits, cereal bars and nuts if you can. This way you also don’t fill up on junk food and can take time to cook a dinner that you will eat.

Following all of this you will find your motivated when you complete your tasks and realise that you have one less topic to do now. This is the main motivator to eliminate procrastination once and for all.

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