How to be your most productive self

If being productive doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry! Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your time.

Some people seem born productive, always making the most of their day, never stressed out and always getting their work done on time if not early, but how do they do it?

Stop Multi-tasking and be your productive self

When it comes to higher level tasks slow it down and take things one step at time. Focusing all your energy on one task at a time will enable you to complete it faster and to a higher standard than if you confuse yourself with all of them at once. Doing this will also make you less likely to accidentally forget something important, and help to avoid ending the day with multiple half-finished projects, giving you a sense of achievement.

Prioritise your To-Do List

Some people live by lists, and there’s a good reason for it. Writing a list helps you to visualise your day and keep on track as you complete tasks. Start by writing down all the tasks you want to complete that day and then prioritise them by focusing on the results you want to achieve. For bigger tasks you can break them down into smaller parts with a clear plan of how you’ll complete them. The best part about lists is that you can tick off as you go along which clearly shows you what you’ve done and what you still have to do, and is also incredibly satisfying.

Wake up early

By waking up early, even if only by 20 or 30 minutes, you give yourself a head start on the day. This gives you time to get smaller tasks out of the way before your busy day begins. But remember sleep is important so if you’re planning an early start its best to get an early night too!

Do your least productive task first

If you get the worst part out of the way first, you can go about the rest of your day with the comfort of knowing that it’s done. Starting with a harder task first will also boost your motivation for the rest of that day, so instead of leaving it to last minute get it done before it becomes a problem.

Avoid your phone or any other distractions

This is definitely easier said than done, but if you know there is something that distracts you try to move away from it. If it’s your phone put it on airplane mode and leave it to the side. If its others in your household let them know you’re busy and take yourself somewhere quiet. Getting work done can be hard enough and added distractions can make it near impossible. Try to make a workspace where you can limit distractions and focus.

Remember there are 24 hours in the day so use the time wisely!

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