Graduate Training Schemes: All You Need to Know

Training Schemes for Graduates 

When looking at your options post-education, it can seem daunting to know which path to take to begin your working career. Sometimes the options can seem limited to further education, applying for jobs straight away, or taking an apprenticeship. However, graduate training schemes are a great alternative that not many people are aware of.

If you have been considering a graduate training scheme but you are unsure of exactly what they can offer and how they could benefit your working life, this article will help you. We will guide you through some key points which may help you to realise if it is the right career path for you.

Why Should I Choose a Graduate Training Scheme?

First of all, it is important to note that you will normally need to reach certain criteria to qualify for a graduate training scheme that could lead to a graduate job. This is due to competition for places on graduate training schemes. But don’t worry, the criteria are usually clearly laid out by the company offering the program.Often requirements will be whether you have earned a certain degree or other qualification. Also, keep in mind you may be required to commute or relocate as part of the scheme.

Not all graduate training schemes are the same, some may function using different formats. However, they all share the primary end goal of preparing someone for work. The length of time graduate training schemes run for also varies depending on the employer, but a year is an average. A graduate training scheme will allow a participant to experience both the job role as well as other various aspects of the organisation.

One thing to consider when choosing a graduate training scheme is whether the training program involves full-time work or specifically designed training sessions.

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What is a Graduate Training Scheme?

A typical graduate training scheme will involve an introduction to the organisations running and its business in general, as well as going through its structure in more detail. Training will usually involve the study of general workplace skills such as project management, negotiation and decision making, and communication. Depending on the industry, you will also explore other aspects of business such as strategy, human resources, sales, marketing, and finance.

For some graduate training schemes, you will be assigned a mentor. The purpose of a mentor is to provide ongoing advice regarding your career goals and explain how you can achieve them.

One form of mentor you could be assigned is someone who has already completed the scheme. This can be incredibly beneficial as you have someone perfectly placed to help answer your thoughts, queries, and offer you general support.

Once you have completed your graduate training scheme you could be offered a position in the company. Maybe try: ‘This is normally a position that offers plenty of opportunities for progression. A major benefit of a graduate training scheme is it equips you with skills that are vital for your working life. It can also offer opportunities to fast track your career progression.

Finding a Graduate Training Scheme

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