Graduate Psychometric Testing

You have succeeded with your graduate CV and the company is interested. The next barrier could be passing the tests. This is to ensure you get that all important face to face interview or have the opportunity to attend the assessment day for your dream job.

So what are psychometric tests and how can you prepare?

Psychometric tests are used as part of the selection process for graduate schemes or roles. They are used so the client can understand if you would be a fit for the role and business. With any test you are given you can improve your chances of success by understanding what type of test it will be. Guidelines from the business will be offered and an opportunity to practice before taking the test.
Psychometric tests can be used at different stages of the graduate selection process. Potentially once you submit an online application, after your first interview or potentially at the end before a final decision is made.

Psychometrics tend to test ability, aptitude and personality

The most common tests we have come across throughout our graduate campaigns have included:
1 – Numerical reasoning tests which will assess how well you interpret data and potentially maths skills.
2 – Verbal reasoning tests so the business can test how you understand written information.
3 – Personality tests that assess your character and personality letting the business see how you may or may not fit with their culture or environment.

Other tests can include assessment on logical, inductive or deductive reasoning. This will depend on the role/scheme you have applied for.
Many businesses will also test on aptitude, so they understand your skillset. This may be online or while at the business on an assessment day.

All of the above are generally under timed/exam based conditions. You need to give your full focus as you will not get a second chance if you do not get the results expected. If doing the tests online ensure you practice several times before taking the tests. Also take yourself away from distractions including phones.
Once you have completed the tests you should hopefully receive feedback from the business/scheme you have applied for. If you have not been successful never be afraid to request feedback and ways you could have improved. Not everyone is successful the first time so don’t loose hope.

If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role, then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.