Getting the most from life by keeping it professional

Congratulations you have graduated or very shortly will have and need to secure yourself an amazing graduate role. Now what?

Well, let us introduce ourselves, we are the Graduate Recruitment, an award-winning graduate consultancy with our pure focus on helping graduates secure the role or graduate training scheme they have worked so hard towards.

We always like to provide a friendly and professional approach when working with you and feel it is important everyone understands the importance of professional communication. With this in mind, we have a code of conduct we ask our team and our candidates to follow when working with us, it’s not complicated just a few things to be aware of.

Code of conduct:

Be polite and friendly – we are here to help you

Keep all communications with us professional

Let us know if things change

Tell us your feedback

If you are unhappy tell us, we can’t do anything if you don’t tell us


How to get started:

Please do call us and introduce yourself to our team. Explain where you currently stand in terms of when you graduate or if you have already graduated. This will speed up your registration. You will be asked a couple of questions to ensure we can help. Simple things like:

Where are you based and what locations are you considering?

Do you drive?

What roles/sectors will you be looking at?

Are you a UK Resident or are you on a visa/needing sponsorship?

When are you hoping to start a role/scheme?

Once we have these answers we will determine if we have any roles that are suitable and ask you to send your CV to us at We also might direct you to our website pages Roles in Northampton, Roles in Milton Keynes to see if any roles are of interest. You can then apply directly from the website for that role.

Feel free to pop your cv directly over to us at without calling us. This will filter into the inbox and a consultant will get back to you when they can.

Remember to be polite and friendly at all times. We aren’t here to be shouted at or meet demands. We are simply here to help you get what you want.


Keep all communications with us professional. If you have a 1-2-1 consultancy appointment booked with one of our consultants, be mindful of the fact that this is time out of their schedule to talk to you about your requirements and how we can help you. They will have reviewed your cv and spent a lot of time looking at current opportunities that could be a match. The consultant’s role isn’t just to have 1-2-1s with candidates. They are required to help the 1000s of other graduates on our books to find their dream jobs as well as advising with clients who want to advertise their roles with us.

Additionally, if you need to cancel/reschedule PLEASE let us know. We are more likely to offer you a rescheduled appointment if you have been honest and communicated any issues with an appointment. Many candidates are waiting for an appointment so giving some notice of a change, gives others a chance.


When you book a 1-2-1 appointment with us & complete and send back your application form that’s your job done until the appointment time. For the team on the other hand this is only the beginning of preparation. The team read every part of your application form. They compare the details on the form to your CV to see if all the information is identical and look at how you present yourself on LinkedIn so we can help advise on any changes that may be helpful.

The team analyse everything you give us to match you with a role/company and try to secure you that dream opportunity.  So, your 30-minute 1-2-1 session is around 2 hours of work for the team.

So again, if you don’t need this appointment, please let us know sooner rather than later so we can help the next graduate who is waiting.  

Follow up

After your 1-2-1 with the consultant, you will be sent any roles/schemes that match your criteria. When you receive these please take time to read the job specs/graduate scheme brief and let us know if you want to be put forward to our client. We will not ever put you forward for roles without your permission. So don’t assume we have. We always need your permission.

Once you have been for an interview always let us know how it went. Once we have this we can then follow up with the client and hopefully assist in securing you the position.

We tend to get feedback fairly quickly from clients. So, the sooner we know yours the sooner we can keep the ball rolling in the right direction.


Be polite and friendly – we are here to help you

Keep all communications with us professional

Let us know if things change

Tell us your feedback

If you are unhappy tell us, we can’t do anything if you don’t tell us

Finally, remember we are here to help you and make the whole graduate search a much easier and stress-free process, but we need your help!

If you would like any assistance or support with finding a Graduate role, then please do contact us and check out our LinkedIn for up-to-date job posts.