Did you know?

It often occurs that when graduating students do not always end up in the career path they initially set out to accomplish. In this unusual current climate, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the background of a few famous people and where they studied and what type of career path this led them too.

David Attenborough

  • Graduated with a natural sciences degree in 1947at Cambridge University.
  • Went on to become famous for presenting wildlife documentaries such as Planet Earth!

Will Ferrell

  • In 1990, Ferrell graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Sports Information.
  • Will Ferrell went onto become an Actor, string in huge films such as Elf, Bewitched and Anchor-man.

Emeli Sande

  • Completed three years of a medical degree and became a qualified neurologist.
  • Music career took off and has now achieved 21 awards from a total of 55 nominations.

Rowan Atkinson

  • Has an undergraduate degree from Newcastle University and a masters from the University of Oxford.
  • Has been accomplished actor for years now with famous roles in films like Mr Bean and Johnny English.

J K Rowling

  • Graduated from Exeter University studying French with Greek and German.
  • Went on to become the famous book author of all the Harry Potter Novels.