Degree Vs. Apprenticeship

There comes a point in our lives when we have to decide what direction to take for our education or career. This entails choosing between going forward to university and working towards getting a degree; or getting your foot in the door of whichever industry you wish to go into. Both of these options have their benefits which allow people to study towards their future careers.

Whether you wish to push your studies in either direction, both provide opportunities that allow you to grow into your chosen career.

Benefits of a Degree

Choosing to go to uni and study towards a degree is a popular option for many. This gives people the opportunity to not only work your way towards your dream career but also allows you to live among others who have chosen the same path as you, build new connections and memories in a new area. Along with these benefits come a list of other things that studying towards a degree can grant you:

1.      Earn more Money

On average it is calculated that both men and women will end up on a larger salary after studying towards a degree later on in their careers. According to a study from the Department for Education and Institute for Fiscal Studies, women with a degree, on average, earn 28% more than non-graduate women. The same can be said for men too, as the study states that on average, men with degrees earn 8% more than non-graduates. Obviously, you will have to off-set the cost of the degree in the first place to determine whether this is a route you want to take.


2.      Personal Growth

Typically, when young adults decide to study towards a degree, they will often move to a new city to get the best education for their specific niche. With this comes learning to take care of yourself, this means grocery shopping, managing budgets and personal organisation.


3.      Career Opportunities

There is more to getting a degree than the degree itself. In order to make the most of your time at uni, it is best to use all resources to your advantage. This can include things such as lecturers, classmates and connections that the lecturer or university has open to industry insiders. This means that once you have secured your degree, you have the connections already established to help you kick-start your career.


Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Choosing to go through an apprenticeship can be just as rewarding as a degree, but can provide you with a range of different benefits. These benefits can allow people to study “on the job” which depending on how you like to learn can mean that you can effectively get a “hands-on” education.

1.      On the Job Training

One of the main appeals of an apprenticeship is the idea of the “on the job” training. This means that anyone following an apprenticeship will learn how to do their job whilst being employed. This can allow people to mould themselves to their specific role during their apprenticeship.


2.      Paid Education

One of the biggest appeals of an apprenticeship is the idea that you can get paid whilst learning & training to fill their job role within a company. Although the hourly rate can be below the minimum wage, you are still paid for your on the job training and time.


3.      It Prepares You for The Future

An apprenticeship is more than just on the job training though. An apprenticeship is your opportunity to get your foot in the door and prepare yourself for everything that comes after. You will spend your time studying to secure your qualification but also to then step into the job role as soon as you finish your apprenticeship.


There are positive points to degrees and apprenticeships. Both options can fit a variety of different people depending on the preferred learning environment and situation. Both of these paths both provide you with the ability to get your foot in the door and start building your career.


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