Being prepared for a Graduate interview is important

You have secured a Graduate interview – well done. Now the hard work needs to continue as you prepare for it. First impressions count, not just to the interviewer but to every person in the building.

From the minute you arrive at the carpark to entering the reception, you may bump into members of staff. One day you could be working with them so always remain polite and professional in your approach. On entering reception ask for the person you are meeting in a clear and confident manner and sit patiently looking through the information you took with you.

What to take with you I hear you ask?

Firstly, the job description is a good idea so you can refresh your thoughts before meeting the interviewer. Two copies of your CV, just in case they do not have a copy to hand. This shows your prepared and thinking ahead. Additionally, references, qualifications, and UCAS points that you have achieved. Additionally if you are going for a creative opportunity you may want to take a portfolio of your work and/or your dissertation.

Secondly, its important to take a pen, notepad, and a list of any questions you wish to ask. This is so you can take any notes. Enabling you to remember the questions that are important for you to know the answers to. Sometimes you can feel an interview is like a whirlwind. You may forget things so keeping yourself grounded with a list can really keep the interview relevant and show you are engaged.

Thirdly, make sure your paperwork is presentable. No one wants to see torn pieces of paper from a scrappy note book. Keep your notes neat either in a book or a portfolio and keep any examples of work with you in case they are asked for them. This way you have everything with you on the day and can hand them over as and when they are required.

Now that you know what to take

Ensure you continue to be the best version of yourself, when meeting the interviewer remember to shake hands and stand tall. Check out our blog on what to wear if you are unsure on that front. Most importantly show them you are the best person for this job.

If you are invited back for a second interview this does not mean you can be more casual. You may find the company has set you a task to complete and present to them to show them how you work. Follow the same guide as your first interview to show that you are consistent and professional no matter what.

If all does not go to plan

Do not worry if you are not offered the position. Take it as interview experience and ask the recruiter for feedback. This will give you areas to work on for your next interview so you can really get the perfect job.

Good luck, If you would like any help or support with finding a Graduate role, then please do contact us and be sure to check out our LinkedIn for up to date job posts.